Statement Visual Action works for human rights using visual action as its main tool. We produce and incentivize the production and circulation of images and performative actions to support human rights around the world. Based on the power of images, and its contemporary circulation, we will produce powerful visual campaigns confronting human rights violations around the world, and in pursuit of truth and justice. The basis of our organization is the collaboration, interaction and development of visual projects in partnership with Human Rights organizations, art networks, photography agencies and cooperatives, indigenous organizations, coordinating activists, photographers and artists to generate unique visual actions that may have influence in the development of social and political issues.

Visual Action will give a voice to the creators of images that want to communicate their work in favor of social engagement, and in the pursuit of justice in cases of human rights violations.

Based on the Latin American experience of struggle for Human Rights after the dictatorships we suffered in the seventies and early eighties, Visual Action will draw on our experience and enhance it with the growing power of images and means of distribution available today. Visual Action will also focus its mission on the visual education of the next generations to empower their skills in the use of photography and in image creation for social change.